Same blog, new home.


Hey there!

Welcome to the new and improved Blonde's Eye View. After being on a bit of a hiatus/break from blogging I've decided to come back full force on a different forum, Squarespace. Nothing wrong with the old forum, I just find Squarespace super user friendly, and am excited to start fresh here!

You'll notice a few things I've added such as a Local Love page that will feature different activities, restaurants, products, whatever it may be that are around Winnipeg. I love checking out the local scene, and Winnipeg has a craaaazy good one. 

Secondly, if you're a reader from my blog in the past, you'll know a big part of why I blog is not for anyone else, it's for myself. If you don't like what I write, don't read it, simple enough. So I've also added an online journal section of the blog. This will be more of a section for me to just spew my thoughts, ask for opinions, maybe feature other bloggers or content. 

So, welcome to the party readers! Let's get started.