The blog is back, but why?

When I decided I wanted to restart the blog my whole life was sort of in a transition period. 

I had been working at my first full time job in my field after graduating University and had hit a snag, not just at work but in general. I was feeling unmotivated , not creative, and honestly I was struggling in all facets of my job, my relationships with others, and especially my relationship with myself.

Suddenly it seemed like changes just started happening, some I had control over, and some I didn't. Some were great highs, and some were really low lows. I was offered an exciting new career opportunity that I was really pumped about and looking forward to at the same time that my relationship came to an unexpected end. It seemed like two huge pieces in my life were at such different levels that I wasn't exactly sure where to focus my energy or emotions.

I get that I'm really jumping into the new blog on a bit of a weird or awkward or brutally honest note, but that's why I knew this was a good time to restart Blonde's Eye View. When I first decided to start blogging over a year ago, I knew that this wasn't necessarily going to just be a lifestyle blog, or a fashion blog, or one specific thing. I wanted it to be a part of me, something that people would read and feel like they were sitting down with me having a glass of wine on my living room floor.

Because to be honest that's where most of my realest conversations happen. 

This is a space that people should be able to resonate with, interact with me or other bloggers, or a complete stranger because they're just people who get it or maybe slightly understand what your going through at this very moment.

So, this is why I decided to restart the blog on a bit of a more real note. I knew that I needed to focus my energy somewhere else. Somewhere that was not a part of all of the huge life changes that were happening all around me, something for my relationship with myself. 

I knew I would throw myself into work because that's just what I do when things are out of my control, I try to find things I can control. But life isn't about being able to be in control all the time, it's about being able to cope with the thing's life throws you that maybe you can't. Finding positive outlets in your friends and your family and even yourself.

Don't get me wrong, this blog is forsure going to include some delicious recipes, kick ass local scene stuff, fashion & lifestyle, ect. But I really thought adding the Dear Diary portion would be a great outlet for myself. Sometimes it will be posts similar to this, or funny stories, or just random thoughts. 

Like I've said before, follow along, or don't. & feel free to leave a comment about topics you'd like to see discussed here.