Transitioning into Fall

We're coming to the close of the last long weekend of the summer and suddenly it feels like it's already fall.

As much as I love the fall, this was a really great summer and I'm a little sad to see it go. We also barely get a fall season in Winnipeg, so I plan to milk this one for as much as I can. 

From September long weekend at Shoal Lake

From September long weekend at Shoal Lake

There are always a few thing's I like to do around this time of year to make the transition into fall a little easier (and less depressing), and no, I don't mean drinking Pumpkin Spice everything. (TBH I really do not like pumpkin spice lattes...)

The first thing I'll do is gut my closet. Move the summer stuff to the side, pull out the plaid shirts and knit sweaters, and get rid of anything I do not wear anymore.

I am the absolute worst for being like, "maybe I'll wear this shirt again in four years". If that thought goes through your mind, spoiler alert, you will not wear it again. It's time to part with the piece, and really it's taking up valuable closet space.

What I'll do is collect a bunch of the stuff that I've realized I no longer wear and I'll take it into a consignment store. The one in Winnipeg I usually go to is Plato's Closet over near Polo Park. They're really fast at going through your stuff and will pay you a really reasonable price for it! Whatever they decide they don't want I'll donate to my local church rummage sale. 

The other main thing I like to do around this time of year is pre make healthy soups and muffins to prepare for the chillier weather. As I've mentioned, I went a little off the wagon this summer with indulging. And that's okay! But although I'm not going back to school, I find it a lot easier to stick to a healthy food and workout routine when the colder months roll around. 

 Finally, moving into the fall routine I usually try to create a budget. Over the summer it's really easy to get carried away with going out for dinner and patio drinks with friends. I find it a lot easier to create a budget moving into fall to try and follow and get back on track moving into the colder months. One good way to stick to budget and try to save some moolah is by taking out cash and organizing it into envelopes and only allowing yourself that specific cash for what they're labeled for on the envelope - going out, groceries, bills, etc. Whatever you have left - you save! 

These are just some of my tips for moving into the fall season, have some of your own? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Costco Hack Trail Mix

Hi there!

Ya, ya, it's been a hot minute since my last post.

I've been busy, and to be honest, summer really has got the best of me. Not only have I been crazy busy at work, but I've been going out way, way too much. Which sort of sparked this post. Going out constantly, having fun with friends, and indulging, my diet and workout routines sort of took a nose dive (okay, a full blown nose dive) and I went a litttttle off the deep end.

So, I decided I needed to get my act together, starting with healthy snacks to keep with me at work. I'm a big snacker throughout the day, and have always had a soft spot for trail mixes, in particular the one's from Costco.

However, I don't usually buy them because they're so damn salty and if they're around I will demolish the bag. If you aren't (or are) familiar with what I'm talking about there are two types, one with the m&m's that are insanely addicting, or the one with yogurt chips. 

So, when I decided to make my own version of the kind with yogurt chips so I could control the salt content, I had a bunch of people asking me, "hey, what the heck did ya put in there?"


Let me tell ya, it is SO simple. I went to bulk barn and stocked up on the following items: (obviously how much you buy depends on how much trail mix you want)

- a small amount of salted cashews

- unsalted natural cashews

- unsalted natural peanuts

- unsalted natural almonds

- greek yogurt chips

- crains (dried cranberries)



Essentially I put them all into a bowl, mixed them up, and put them into a glass jar to keep on my counter. These are something I'll grab as a quick snack on my way to the gym or bring them to work to snack on at my desk. It's very filling, and this way you can control the amount of salt you have in your mix!

I'm planning to test out some other trail mix recipes and will continue to share them here! 

Happy snackin'!