DIY "Merry Christmas" banner

Christmas spirit is in full force over in my apartment!

I usually try really hard to wait until after Remembrance Day to start decorating because Remembrance Day is a is a special day for my family, and we like to fully honour it. 

But now it's onto Christmas in my apartment and I love everything that comes with it. The music, the decorating, the baking, giving back, and especially CRAFTING!


I decided I really wanted a "Merry Christmas" banner for my apartment this year and I searched high and low for one and couldn't quite find exactly what I was looking for. So, I thought to myself, why not make your own?

I talked to my friend Lindsay (@modernmommy_ on Instagram, if you're in the Winnipeg area you need to check her out for any personalized clothing, glassware, ornaments, etc) and she was able to cut the letters for me. If you don't have a service like this accessible to you, you just need iron on letters!

I found the burlap banner pieces at Michaels (on sale I might add, if you aren't on Michael's email list, JOIN IT, they're always sending out 50% off coupons and have TONS of amazing items!) and they actually came with the string as well! 


i just ironed the letters on, I would recommend ironing for a solid two minutes on a high heat to make sure they fully stick and then peel back the plastic very slowly to make sure you don't mess up the letters. Let cool, cut tiny holes into the burlap pieces, string together, and done!

That's. It. It was seriously that easy. I plan to do a couple more DIY's this season and hope to share them here! I know this is a brief post but I felt the need to share this quick and easy DIY for the holiday season that was not only simple to make, but saved me money on a costly banner anywhere else!


Can't wait to share more crafting with you this season! DIY of your own? Comment below!

Oh Baby!

It's crazy that it's suddenly Tuesday night! I started writing this post Saturday night, got distracted, and suddenly was too busy until this moment to finish it off!

However, I can't really complain. This weekend was great, and we had best day with a bunch of my favourite people on Saturday, celebrating my besties new baby girl Adeline. She is the sweetest little thing, and I was so so happy to be able to host her Sip & See while the two of them were in town.

We decided on a Sip & See because my friend Nicole (Adeline's Mom) moved to Ontario last year, and lugging a bunch of stuff back from a trip wouldn't have been ideal. We had sent her a big care package full of new baby goodies before A's birth, so we thought this would be the perfect way to party and socialize with our new mini crew member. 

My friend Sam pulled a major hero move and we worked the morning away on this amazing balloon arch, but she really was the brains behind the operation. We wanted to do something cute and fun but not too difficult to clean up later and would stay up if it was windy or hot (however the balloons did start to pop from over heating - it was insanely hot outside!) 

We decided to cook burger sliders as the main food because they were simple and delicious but wouldn't have you feeling overly full throughout the afternoon. Honestly I love sliders, and usually end up eating way to many, and try to play it off like it doesn't count because they're so little so this plan didn't really work for me. Spoiler alert, they all count. But I'm going to take some logic from my favourite chick flick "How to be Single" - and that seven mini meats equal one big meat, so I can for sure have 7 sliders, right? RIGHT?!

My friend Lindsay (who has started an awesome local business called Modern Mommy on Instagram - if you're looking for super cute custom items or pre made baby, home, wedding, style, and more for sure check her out!) made this adorable sign for her own Mother's Day celebration - and was kind enough to let us use it for the shower! It tied our "Momosa Bar" together perfectly.

So we popped the bubbly, had tons of snacks, and all sat around getting to know our new girl gang member! Hosting a Sip & See after the baby is born is a really great way to get to know the baby without having to worry about getting the new mom a gift (or another gift if she's already had a shower before the baby was born). Because trust me, SHE WILL GET A LOT OF GIFTS AND ONESIES. NO MORE ONESIES....even if they're super adorable. Okay...fine buy the onesie. If you feel like you should bring something, bring another bottle of champs! Because realistically...that's what she needs!

A couple tips moving out tips for all you first timers...

Happy Sunday readers!

I thought today I'd talk a little bit about my experience moving out for my first time. I've been living in an apartment on my own for seven months now, and I've loved every second of it! That being said, there have been a couple of obstacles here and there. 


I loved living at home. My parents and I have an amazing relationship, my mom still did my laundry (she still tries to...I think she genuinely likes doing my's a mom thing I guess?), FREE FOOD. Living at home is amazing, honestly don't take advantage of that shit.

However, there was a large part of me that was dying to get out on my own. I was starting to resent my parents for all of the amazing things they did (and still do) for me, and I knew that wasn't fair. Because your parents just love you, as much as sometimes you translate that as being the most annoying thing that's ever happened to you (reality check, it isn't at all). 

But there are moments looking back that I wish I had stayed home for a few more months, saved a bit more money, and thought a lot longer about how I wanted to make this first initial move.

When I have those moments I'm also really happy I chose to do apartment living before making a serious adulting move and buying property. This is just my opinion, but I've found navigating the waters of first time bill paying, being responsible for my own groceries, my own laundry, cleaning, has been a little bit easier without the added stresses of being a home owner. 

One of my first pieces of advice is to HIRE MOVERS. Honestly, unless you have a really manly group of guy friends (...if so feel free to like I dunno give me a call?) that can help you with their trucks and muscles, hiring movers was the best decision we made. Initially i was like, "no I don't want to do that blah blah blah) but my mom insisted.

MAN WAS SHE RIGHT. (like always...)

We hired movers primarily for all of my large furniture (bed, dresser, etc) however, it was also so so helpful to have them to move all of my boxes into my apartment as well so we could focus on unpacking. They were SO fast, and in the end I was really grateful we had them to really speed up the entire process. 

Secondly, if you are considering moving out in the next year, start buying stuff now. Because I'm a crazy person, I started buying stuff probably my first year of university. I can't tell you how much it helped to already have small things that you don't even really think about already purchased to reduce costs. Dish towels, a garbage can (which I made the worst purchase ever on this, make sure you actually invest in a good garbage can, it makes a huge difference in your kitchen/smell of your living space), cutlery, wine glasses, the list goes on and on.



THESE THINGS ADD UP. Honestly, you don't realize how many little things you need until you are on your own, and buying some in advance leading up to the big move out will really help. 

Usually you have about a month or so between actually finding an apartment and moving in. I had a couple of months because my apartment was completely gutted and redone before I moved in. But I spent this time buying the big stuff (couch, coffee table, rug, side tables, etc.).

This is the stuff I do not recommend you purchase in advance. You have no idea what your space will look like until you actually have it, so once it's official, that's the time to get the big items. That being said, make sure you have some cash laid aside for this, cause side tables are hella expensive. 

This photo is from around Christmas...hence the tree.

This photo is from around Christmas...hence the tree.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help, and do not say no to help. I can be really stubborn (see a few paragraphs up when I thought I didn't need movers...), and a lot of time feel bad asking or accepting help. THIS IS THE PRIME TIME TO ACCEPT HELP. You will need as many friends are willing to help you unpack boxes, hang a gallery wall, build IKEA furniture, you get it. Buy some beer, order some pizza, and have a move in party!

And those are a few things I have to say about my experience moving out for the first time! Obviously, everyone is different, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot on my next move too. I'll keep you posted when that happens.

Happy Pride Readers! Enjoy your Sunday.