Actually have a Good Morning


I’ve always considered myself a morning person. I typically wake up somewhere around 8 even on the weekends, and never really have too hard of a time starting to move first thing (it’s a little harder in the winter, obviously..)

Since I’ve been at home the last couple of months and my time has been my own to plan around for the most part, I originally found myself really motivated and ready to go.

As time went on, I continued to get more and more unmotivated, discouraged, and really had a difficult time being productive or using my time efficiently.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to be making the most of my mornings to set myself up for top productivity and feeling good about myself all day. Lately, I’ve been listening to Lauyrn Evarts and her husband Michael’s podcast, The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast. Lauryn focuses a lot on the importance of her morning routine, and they recently interviewed Ed Mylett who spoke highly of his morning routine as well (as do many of their guests). Their podcast has such influential, interesting, and inspiring guests on, and I truly encourage everyone to give it a listen.

Before I dive into what I’ve been doing, I also want to mention that this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes my schedule changes a little, or, it just isn’t going to happen. However these are all things that I enjoy so much now that I’ve been doing them I find it weird not to do them at some point, it may just not be the exact same routine every morning (this is a goal I do want to get to, and something I’m working on)

OK - Here we go!

First things first right when I wake up I’m drinking water. Typically I try to have at least a glass right away as soon as I’m out of bed. This wakes me up, gets my body going, and starts hydrating me right away.

Recently I’ve started doing morning pages, and this is what typically comes next. This is basically a chance for me to get all of my thoughts out in one place so I’m not anxious or word vomiting or taking out my random thoughts on my boyfriend. I’ll write a couple of pages about whatever is going on in my mind, and then I also set a goal for the day, and mention something I’m grateful for.

What I do next changes. If I’m working out I typically like to go and do that right away. These day’s I’m into Orange Theory, so I’ll go off and do a class and when I get back the routine continues.

My hair during the entire morning routine…

My hair during the entire morning routine…

Once I’m home, it’s shower, body lotion, skin products, and ice rolling my face to decrease puffiness and tbh it really wakes me up and feels so good.

At this point while I’m ice rolling, I’ll typically cook breakfast, and listen to a podcast. I’m not going to lie, I listen to a lot of comedy or like, gossipy podcasts. I took a page out of Lauryn’s book, and now I’m starting my day off with something to feed my mind. I genuinely enjoy the Him and Her podcast, or Dax Shepdard’s to start the day. The Betches also have a podcast with a lot of really informative guests.

I go through phases where I eat the same thing for a few weeks at a time, and right now that’s pan fried spinach and mushrooms with a soft poached egg or two depending on how hungry I am. I love it and it’s usually just enough to get me through to a snack in the afternoon. The entire time I’m drinking water from a S’well and depending on how I’m feeling I’ll have a coffee with unsweetened almond milk or a lemon and ginger or peppermint tea.

After this I’ll check my to do list for the week (I’ll write this on Sunday evening and add/cross things off daily), and decide what I’m going to accomplish that day. Then I move to the laptop to blog, do research, look at jobs, etc.

This is how I’ve been starting my days pretty much everyday for the last month. Am I perfect? No. But you have to start somewhere and I’m fairly happy with the progress I’ve been making. My goal is to get to a place where I stay consistent with my morning routine, and I also want to begin incorporating meditation (something I’ve really struggled with in the past). I’m so curious hearing about other people’s morning routines and am dying to hear about yours! Share in the comments below.