Let's Talk

Yesterday was #bellletstalk.

Every year, I see the messages and think about the experiences I’ve had with mental health over the years, mental health struggles my friends and family members have gone through, and the amount of people struggling with and effected by mental health around the world.


I feel like it’s important to put this message out there because I’ve been there. I’ve been the person who is too sad or defeated to get out of bed, or is too scared to tell anyone how I’m feeling out of fear of judgement or inconveniencing someone. I’m also the person who struggled in silence for way too long, and know now that I wish I had reached out or leaned on my family or friends in the past.

If you’re struggling, or feeling lost, know you aren’t alone. Know that you can reach out to someone and shouldn’t feel ashamed or judged. You may not feel it, but there is someone out there who cares about you and wants to help. Please don’t feel like you have to struggle in silence.


I think it’s also important to touch on the fact that we also hold a responsibility to reach out and check on our friends, loved ones, and family members.

Life is busy, I get it.

If you think someone is struggling through something or isn’t okay, ASK. They may resist you, or deny it, but knowing that they have someone in their life to reach out to when they’re ready is so so important. Sending a quick text to check in or scheduling a coffee date to ask someone how they’re doing could change their life.

Finally, I think the importance of remembering that although #bellletstalk is a great way for us to be reminded that mental health awareness is extremely important, I think that it’s just as important to remember that mental health is something that should be recognized and talked about everyday. This is something that should be discussed on the regular.

These are just my thoughts, and while I’m in no way trying to bash or lessen the value of the work that #bellletstalk has done and the incredible support they’ve been able to provide for a lot of individuals.

So let’s remember to talk, everyday. Look out for our friends and recognize the importance of mental health, every. single. day.