Why do I cringe when I see myself in a photo?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend an amazing ambassador brunch for Mad About Style here in Winnipeg.

Tables/Chairs/Flatwear - CT Rentals | Macaroons - Jenna Rae Cakes | Menu - Robin Egg Blue Designs

Tables/Chairs/Flatwear - CT Rentals | Macaroons - Jenna Rae Cakes | Menu - Robin Egg Blue Designs

I’ve been shopping at Mad for years now, and the women that work there are so lovely, creative, and inspiring. The event was beautifully catered and decorated, there was an incredibly captivating speaker, and I can honestly say I had a really great time connecting with old friends and meeting new ones (that I had previously stalked on Instagram and felt like I already knew).

Of course at such a beautiful event you’re taking tons of photos, and I had been lucky enough that my insanely talented friend Bailey did my make up before the brunch. I felt good about my outfit, my make up, but when I got home I looked at a photo myself and another incredible blogger (@brainsandbronzed) from the day and I instantly was RIPPING myself apart.

Why do my thighs look like that?

I look so heavy.

Did I look like this all day? Did everyone think I looked this big?

All of my positive thoughts from the day were suddenly gone and I was too busy focusing on my appearance in this photo and what everyone else thought about how my body looked at the event.

I showed the photo to my boyfriend, who immediately tried to extinguish the negative self hate spiral I was heading down and reminded me that I’d said it was such an amazing day, and how could all of that be forgotten because of one photo I thought my hips looked big in.

I thought about the speaker at the event, Jessica Janzen (@jsjanzen) and what she had to say to the group at brunch earlier that day. She spoke a lot about her story, about her successes, her failures, and how at the end of the day both her successes and failures taught her things in order to be a better person, friend, business owner, mother, and wife. Her talk also included important messages like; Don’t let yourself be the reason you don’t succeed. Don’t take being able for granted. Don’t be too scared to let negative emotions or people go in order to take control of your own life.

The photo in question w/ the beautiful Cassidy from @brainsandbronzed

The photo in question w/ the beautiful Cassidy from @brainsandbronzed

Side note - if you aren’t familiar with Jessica and her story, please do yourself a favour and check her out. She really is an inspiration to us all, and I can confidently say she was the best speaker I’ve heard.


I suddenly thought, Emma you’re being ridiculous. Why are you getting so anxious about a photo? So instead of focusing on the photo that I consider unflattering, I decided to focus on what Jessica said, and to focus on the fact that I had an amazing day surrounded by kick ass women, and that I felt really happy and #blessed to be invited to and included in this group of fantastic women.

Jessica said at the event, “there’s a reason you’re here at this brunch” and she was right.

I guess the moral of this story is that we aren’t always going to love the way we look. In person, in photos, we can’t always control these things. And that’s ok! What we can control is how we project ourselves to the world and to others, what direction we want our life to go in, and although it’s sometimes okay to have a bad day or a bad thought, don’t let those things be the reason you don’t succeed in your life or believe in yourself.

So today, I’m focusing on how inspired I felt after listening to Jessica speak, and how she reminded me that I don’t want to be part of the 92% of people who never go and get after their dreams and the things they want.

Again, a huge shout out to the Mad team for throwing such a fantastic event. Their spring collection is launching this week, and I was able to see a few of the pieces and it really looks like it will be another great collection.