Hey there 2018

And another year bites the dust.

I know that everyone says this, but holy mack that year flew by. I honestly cannot believe we're in 2018 already - did 2017 even happen?

2017 was an interesting year for me. It honestly was such a roller coster but I feel like by the end of the year I was completely balanced out.

Leaving one relationship, entering a new one, a new job, trips to Montreal, Chicago, and Ottawa (more specifically Deep River Ontario...Nicole time to move home), friends getting married and having babies, the list goes on and on. 

I have to say, looking back on 2017 as quickly as it went by, I feel like this was a big year for me. 

I left a relationship that was a huge part of my life for a very long time, and entered a new one with someone that I could not be happier with. He is honestly a perfect angel and that is really the best way to describe him in a nutshell. He's everything I didn't know I needed until I had it, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I started at a new job that has been challenging, different, and completely out of my element for a company that I had no idea I would enjoy working for as much as I do. 

I took trips and made memories with my friends that I'll remember forever, I have the most amazing friends.

When I look back, did 2017 have some really shitty moments? Absolutely. But it was also a year that I feel like I needed. 2017 completely challenged me in ways that I wasn't sure that I could handle, but I did and I'm better for it. 2017 was a year that really helped form me as a person, (cliche I know) and although I don't know what 2018 holds, I'm looking forward to it!

So what are my goals for the new year?

Honestly..they're pretty basic.

Get in shape (blah blah blah whatever). K honestly, yes this is something I tell myself I'm going to do every year and it's like well no I'm probably not going to be drinking a green smoothie Jan 1 I'm hungover and tired and I want fries. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to do more yoga. I think yoga is an amazing way to turn your brain off, stretch, and exercise all at the same time. PS. does anyone have any hot yoga studio recommendations in Winnipeg? thx. 

Tying in with the whole yoga thing my second goal for myself is to reduce my stress and anxiety levels. I am a ball of stress 99.9% of my day. I find it impossible to just sit still, turn my brain off, and relax. Honestly impossible. I always feel like I NEED to be doing something or cleaning or working and I have a hard time reminding myself that sometimes, it's okay to just chill the eff out. 

Finally, I'm going to make more of a conscious effort to spend time with my family. I do already spend a lot of time with my family, probably more then most. But I only have one family, and it really is important to soak up as much time with them as possible.

So those are my goals - what are yours? Feel free to share them below. Now I'm off to attempt to wake up my boyfriend without him yelling at me.

Cheers to 2018!