Content that Counts

Lately I’ve beens struggling with coming up with things to post.


On my Instagram, my blog, etc.

I’ve mentally felt quite creatively blocked. I think part of it has to do with not feeling confident myself, so I don’t necessarily want to come across one way, when I’m actually feeling another. I don’t feel like taking cute photos and coming up with uplifting captions, so I haven’t been.

At the end of my day, I’m tired. I want to spend time with my family, my friends, work out, or honestly just lay on my couch and do nothing.

The balance between wanting to be involved on this platform and Instagram and wanting to be present is honestly, really draining.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, photo styling, trying new products, etc. I really do. But, I had a moment the other day where I thought to myself “omg I need to post something I just have to come up with something I need something”

We live in a time that everyone is so much more replaceable then before. The next person or blogger or product is right around the corner, but then I remind myself; I didn’t get back into this for followers, or to make money, I started this for fun, as a hobby, and as something to fill my time in a time where I was struggling.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit more creative again, with ideas swimming around in my head and my creative itch tingling, trust me when I say, I’m sure i’ll be back in action soon!

Natural Deodorant...thoughts?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the girl who used Old Spice or Vanilla scented Secret deodorant. I didn’t really think too much about what was actually in the stuff because a. this girls on a budget and b. I’m not pregnant so why did it matter.

image1 (1).jpeg

The older I get the more I’m starting to really think about the products I’m using and what I’m putting into my body. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still eat things that I’m ashamed to admit to (cough cough pizza pops cough) however it is fairly easy to look into the products you’re using to figure out what’s in them and if they’re actually harmful.

Deodorant seemed like the right place to start and I tested out a few different varieties throughout my trial process. To be completely honest, when I first started this about a month and a half ago, I really really hated it.

I couldn’t get used to the feeling of sweating without stinking. I was constantly worried that I did in fact stink and should deal with that. Or maybe I did just stink and was blissfully unaware.

Here are a few of the different varieties I tried. I plan to try a couple more that were recommended to me that I’ll list at the bottom along with the ones I discuss below.


Secret Brand

Okay, so when I first saw this deodorant I thought “wow this is interesting, I haven’t seen a big name brand come out with a natural or aluminum free option” and grabbed a stick at Walmart. It was about $6, so on the cheaper end compared to a lot of other natural or aluminum free brands.

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to love this product. It did the job as far as making me not feel like I’m sweating constantly during the day. However, the smell of the product itself, is AWFUL. Honestly, I really don’t know how to describe it. What comes to mind for me is like, mould and dust. However, I’m not even sure if that’s accurate.

So based on the smell alone, this will 100% not be the product for me. However, if you can stand the smell I’d forsure say it could be a great option.

Schmidts Brand


This was the first natural deodorant that I tried. I got it at Walmart and I remember it being slightly less expensive then the Secret brand. I honestly liked the product itself, and the smell (this one was a charcoal deodorant). However, I constantly felt like I really stank when I was wearing this product. I work out 2 - 5 times a week depending on the week, and this product just did not seem like it could work for high intensity workouts…because I could fully smell myself. My reasoning could just be a personal preference, and honestly I’ll probably finish the stick and use it for days where I’m just at home or having a more low key day because for the most part I like the product and the scent, however I probably won’t use it in the future for that reason.


Native Brand

This is a product I’ve seen around for awhile. I knew it was sold at Target and online, and so I asked my boyfriend to get me a couple sticks when he was in the states this past week so I could try it out. This product does have perfume in it, HOWEVER it is by FAR the best of the bunch. The scents are both really nice but subtle and I do not feel like I have to constantly reapply because I’m worried that I smell horrible. My boyfriend got me the cucumber mint (LOVE this) scent and the lavender and rose scent. I’m usually not a huge lavender girl (and tbh neither is he, he hated a lavender hand soap I had once so I was a bit surprised about this scent choice) however the scent is so subtle and fresh it’s not overpowering what so ever.

Like I mentioned, this was 100% my preferred favourite out of the bunch. I’ve been enjoying it so far and have had no skin irritation (some people mentioned skin irritation has been something that could happen with this product, not the case here)

So those are my opinions so far! If I try out any other products I’ll report back, but for now I’ll be sticking with Native brand. Let me know if you have any you think I should try!

Here are the products listed:


Schmidt’s Charcoal Magnesium


Other products recommended:

Portia Ella deodorants

NOTHING BAD Humble natural deodorant (Winners)

I'm feelin' 26...

Next week I’m turning 26.

Lilac Bakery...if you haven’t been START the car.

Lilac Bakery...if you haven’t been START the car.

I’ve always loved my birthday. Coming together with friends and family to celebrate is something I enjoy, especially if whatever we’re celebrating includes food.

So many people constantly say to me “you’re so young!” - and they’re right, I am.

However, this birthday has been a bit more difficult for me to wrap my head around. While 26 is so young (I KNOW), I’ve had a difficult time coming around on the fact that I’ll now officially be closer to 30 then 20.

While I’m perfectly aware that age is just a number, it was difficult in my mind to wrap my head around where I’m at in my life at the age of 26.

When I was younger (by younger I mean like, high school) I always thought I’d be married by 24, having kids by 26, and completely have it all figured out.

Good joke 16 year old Emma.

While I was struggling a little bit thinking about those things and how far I am from having anything figured out, I also took a moment to think about the massive changes that have taken place in my life in the last year, the person I’m growing into, and the things that I truly value and cherish.

I can confidently say that I’ve come more into myself in the last year then I think any other year. I’m trying to truly value things that make me happy and trying to put myself first more. Both things I struggled with in the past.

I also stopped giving so much weight to what people thought about me. This used to drive me INSANE, and while this is a work in progress I absolutely have improved on it.

I’ve also really started to look forward into my future, what I want out of it, what kind of jobs and companies I want to work for, what causes I’m passionate about, etc.

When I think about these things, it makes me excited for 26, and proud of the progress I’ve made up until this point. I’m excited about the person I’m becoming the older I get, and TBH if I think about the future I thought I should have at this age I’m so grateful I’m not quite there yet.

Every new year in our lives provides the opportunity to grow, and that’s something we should try our best to be excited about! No, we may not be where we thought we’d be by a certain age, or where our friends are, or the girl you stock on Instagram. But making the most of where you are currently and being proud of what you HAVE achieved is so so important.

So, cheers to 26, cheers to continuous growth, and cheers to what’s to come!

Do more of what makes YOU happy.

What makes you happy?

Not spending time with your boyfriend (cause like ya obviously that’s great and of course that makes you happy I’m obsessed with mine!) what makes YOU on your OWN truly happy?

This is something I’ve had a hard time figuring out in my early 20’s. For a long time, I was in a relationship that I let define my happiness, and I lost a lot of myself in that.


Now, I’ve been trying to find things that make me, on my own, genuinely happy. Things that I do for myself, and not things that are based on other people to provide.

This is something I’m writing about because it’s something I’ve been struggling with a bit lately, and may need a bit of a reminder about to myself. I hope this can help you remember a few of those things for yourself as well!

R e a d i n g

I’ve always loved to read. Since I was little I would get so wrapped up in a book and completely forget that I’ve been reading for hours. I love a thriller, comedy, or biography, but really I’ll read just about any genre as long as I’m feeling captivated by it. I finished a book cover to cover for the first time in SO long the other day, and it felt amazing. It felt so good to find something that helped me genuinely disconnect from the world, and also my phone. I went onto the library website and put my name on the hold list for a bunch of best sellers. I know, the library seems old school, but honestly it’s such a great way to get books and have another one waiting for you right away, for free!

B l o g g i n g

Blogging is another thing that really does bring me genuine happiness. it’s a really great outlet to write about just about anything that’s on my mind, and connect with other amazing Winnipeg creatives. I completed a rhetoric and communications degree in university, and have always enjoyed writing, so blogging seemed like the perfect fit when I was missing writing as much as I did during my time in university.

C l e a n i n g

Ya this one is a bit weird. I have a really hard time sitting still and relaxing. Trust me, that’s also something I really enjoy doing, but it takes a lot for me to just sit still and do absolutely nothing. Cleaning is a task that allows me to completely turn my brain off and really accomplish something. I love the feeling of cleaning a room and looking around and having it just look better then it did before.

W o r k o u t


There are times where just getting your ass up and getting to the gym is a lot harder then the actual workout. Once I get there and get it done, I always feel so much better then I did before. While working out isn’t exactly a passion of mine (wine, wine is a passion), once I do a workout I can truly admit I feel so much happier and ready to take on the day.

These are just a few of the things I do specifically for myself to bring myself happiness. What do you do for YOURSELF?

Sweet Potato Turkey Burger Sliders

This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more at home, and learn some healthy and delicious new recipes.

Last night, my boyfriend and I made these sweet potato turkey burger sliders, and they were SO good I knew I needed to share them right away.


When you look at some of these recipes online, they can seem super intimidating. Obviously, some of them I modify (Like I did with the original recipe that I found for these) because there are times where you can’t find the called for ingredient, or just don’t care enough to try and find it (for example, when a recipe asks me for like nitrate free bacon…I just use normal bacon…)

Also, this may be annoying but some of my measurements aren’t exact…but you get the idea.

So! Here is what I used for this recipe:


  • One pound of ground turkey

  • About 1/3 of a chopped up yellow onion

  • About 1/2 a cup of panko bread crumbs

  • 1 egg

  • 2 tbsp of taco seasoning (I used epicures)

  • a ton of minced garlic

  • a bit of Himalayan pink salt

Additional needed ingredients:

  • Avocados or guac (I made guac, which is why lemons and garlic are on this list, the amount of avocados also depends on how much guac you’d like, I used 1 and a half)

  • 1 Lemon

  • 1 large Sweet potato

  • More garlic

  • Salt

  • Olive Oil

  • Siracha maya (I made it, 1/4 cup of light mayo, 1 tbsp siracha sauce, a squeeze of lime)

  • bacon (turkey if preferred)


sweet potato rounds

sweet potato rounds

  • Preheat the oven to 425

  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Slice your sweet potato into rounds, and brush a bit of olive oil on each side. I also seasoned with a bit of pink salt, and a garlic and onion nutritional yeast (also Epicure)

  • Put into the oven for 15 minutes, flip, then back into the oven for another 15 minutes.

  • While the sweet potato is in the oven, combine all of the turkey burger ingredients and make small patties. Heat a pan over medium to high heat on the stove, add a bit of cooking oil or spray (I used an olive oil spray), and cook the patties until they’re cooked through (I’d say about 4 minutes on each side give or take)

  • Make your guac and siracha mayo in the mean time, as well as cook your bacon (we made two pieces) and wait for your sweet potato and turkey burgers to finish cooking.

  • Once cooked, stack in the order of sweet potato, turkey burger, guac, a bit of siracha maya, and chopped up bacon. Then you’re ready to eat!

I understand that my instructions aren’t exactly precise, but that’s just how I cook! I add different things here and there depending what I’m in the mood for, and encourage you to too! If you’re interested in the original recipe, you can find it here. Happy eating!