Grocery Shopping...for One.

I’ve been living alone now for over two years, and as much as I’ve loved it, it’s also been a learning experience.

Grocery shopping is something I’ve struggled with since the beginning. For some reason, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I

A) Live alone


B) Don’t eat 500 tons of food a week

This has resulted in a lot of waste and frustration on my part. I think I was always so used to my family having such a stocked fridge (very thankful that I had this experience throughout my childhood, I know there are a lot of people out there who aren’t this lucky) and I kind of just took this mentality when I was out on my own.

After all this time I’ve finally kind of got it down. This year I’m really going to try and make a conscious effort to make more food at home (I really, really love sushi though so…) and make sure I’m keeping track of things I actually do eat, and things I don’t.

This is what my fridge looks like currently…yes that is a jade roller and eye masks in there.

This is what my fridge looks like currently…yes that is a jade roller and eye masks in there.

A few things that I’ve started reminding myself when it comes to getting groceries…


Making a grocery list is 100% the most important thing to do before you head into the store. I’ll often think about what meals I want to make for the week, and then base my list around that. Of course, I have my basics that I always make sure I’m stocked up on (eggs, egg whites, Annie’s gluten free mac, spinach, almond milk, snacks or drinks my boyfriend likes etc.) but this way I have a guideline so I’m not going rogue in the cereal isle. Also researching what fruits and veggies are in season is a great way to base your meals around produce that may be a little bit less expensive.

Don’t Just Shop at One Store

Look, groceries are expensive. Over the last two years I’ve figured out the stores I like to shop at and the stores I don’t. I use the Flip app to both make my grocery list, and look at all of the flyers for the week. I primarily shop at Superstore and Walmart, TBH I buy mainly my meat and eggs at Walmart (because surprisingly their eggs have a nice orange yolk…) and their meat is priced really well.

Superstore I pretty much go to for everything else. This app is really helpful to price compare as you can also select items from the flyer to add directly to your grocery list page - handy!

Keep Your Fridge/Freezer/Cupboards Organized

Keeping your fridge, freezer, and cupboards organized makes it a lot easier to keep track of what exactly you have in there. I was the worst at buying the same thing over again because I didn’t realize I already had it hidden somewhere (mainly in my cupboards). Staying organized not only helps avoid any rotting food becoming liquid in your veggie bin.

Don’t be Afraid of the Freezer

For the longest time, I was so worried about buying frozen veggies. TBH I’m not exactly sure why. I think I thought that if I bought frozen veggies it was like i had failed my body or something and there was no way there were possibly as healthy. And partially, this may be true.

However since I do live alone, it isn’t always smart to buy ALL fresh veggies, and for sure not all fresh fruit. All of my smoothie fruit is frozen, and now I also do buy some frozen veggies as well (primarily broccoli or edamame beans). I keep my bread in the fridge because I don’t eat it every day, and any other bread products like english muffins that I may only have every once and awhile.

Five Ways to Actually Look Forward to Mondays

It seems like the weekend has flown by again and suddenly it’s Sunday night. You’re sitting on your couch, a million thoughts going through your head about what you need to tackle this week, and the Sunday Scaries set in. Did I forget to turn off the portable heater under my desk over the weekend and burned down the office? Do I meal prep this week or rely on food trucks, again? Did I remember to submit that assignment or report?

 The list goes on and on.

Whether you’re a student, work for yourself, or work at an office job, this probably sounds familiar. It’s easy to stress yourself out about the week before it even happens. Although it may seem easier said then done, here are a few tips to help you actually look forward to starting your week.

Make a To Do list

Are you the kind of person who has a hard time shutting your brain off? This can be particularly difficult on a Sunday night when you’re thinking about everything you have coming up that week. Grab a pen and paper and write down your to do list on Sunday night. Write out all of the things you need to get done that week, highlight the tasks that are top priority, and have it ready to go to start off your week. That way when you wake up Monday morning you have a place to begin.

Wake up confident

It’s really easy to wake up Monday morning feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Instead, try to wake up Monday ready to take charge of your week! What’s one of the best ways to do this? Feel confident in how you look! Pick out one of your favorite outfits to wear Monday, rock a fun lipstick, or show off that new statement necklace. Waking up and feeling confident will help you tackle your Monday, setting you up for a productive and strong rest of the week.

Plan something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to at the end of a long Monday always seems to make the day just a little bit sweeter. Whether it’s a Face Time date with a friend, planning to go out to eat or cooking your favorite meal, or scheduling an appointment you enjoy for Monday evening like a massage, getting your nails done, or a facial, knowing you have something exciting at the end of the day can be the little bit of motivation you need to get through your work day!

Sunday Self Love

Set aside a little bit of time for yourself on Sunday night. Do a facemask, have a bath, wash your hair, meal prep, read or meditate, whatever it is that relaxes you. Take some personal time for yourself to unwind from all of the thoughts buzzing around in your head and remind yourself that it’s important to take care of yourself too.

This is a fresh start

Use Mondays as being your own personal refresh button. Instead of worrying about things that happened the week before, focus on how you’re going to make

A Podcast for Every Mood

Podcasts seem to be popping up everywhere.

I constantly hear people saying “everyone and their dog has a podcast.”

To be honest, there can’t be enough podcasts for me - keep them coming! I love podcasts primarily because they’re something I can listen to the car, while I’m cooking, there’s a Podcast for any mood and when I’m alone it kind of feels like I’m hanging out with people.

Ya I’m a loser I know.

Inspiring podcasts, interviews, crime, humour. The options are limitless.

I thought I’d share a couple of the ones I’ve been listening to lately. These ones are a bit more interview style and comedy (because that’s just what I’ve been in the mood for lately), but I’m going to make a point of updating what I’m listening to on here every couple of months (because it changes all the time).

Name: Believed

Genre: Crime

Description: This is a podcast that covers the stories of victims and prosecution of former team USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. This is a heavy podcast, I’m not going to lie there were moments I shed a tear or felt genuinely moved listening to the stories of the women and girls who were abused for years as children. It’s a really interesting and relevant story and I would for sure recommend it.

Name: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Genre: Interview style

Description: Dax Shepard is an American actor and comedian who is married to the amazing Kristen Bell (who I happen to be a big fan of, and she is a guest a few times this season). I find this podcast interesting because they bring on high profile celebrities in a casual setting and talk about their careers, their passions, and I find that I typically listen to this podcast feeling informed and educated.

Name: Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Genre: Comedy

Description: Yes, every person who has been on the Bachelor franchise seems to have a podcast. However, there are a couple that are actually pretty darn good in my option, this being one of them. Kaitlyn may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think she brings on interesting guests and it’s really quite funny. Kaitlyn’s podcast has the ability to make me feel like I’m sitting right there having a glass of wine with her and her guest and that’s my favourite kind of podcast.

Name: Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad

Genre: Interview/Comedy/Feel Good

Description: Yes, I know another Bachelor person. This podcast just makes you feel good. Tanya is Ryan Seacrest’s on air radio co host and Becca has been on a couple shows in the Bachelor franchise, but their friendship is something honestly inspiring. It’s really hard to keep genuine friendships with your girlfriends as you get older, but these two have such great conversations between themselves and their guests that will make you laugh and think at the same time.

Name: Serial (season 2 because if you haven’t listened to season 1 you’re living under a rock)

Genre: Crime

Description: Season 2 of Serial is finally here! Serial season 1 took the podcast world by storm and now season 2 is available and focuses on criminal justice system as a whole. I found it interesting to listen to, however it’s pretty different from the style of season 1.

So this is what I’ve been listening to lately! Have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments below.

My HelloFresh Review

Happy Sunday readers!

How nice would it be on a Sunday knowing you have a WEEK full of meals coming on Tuesday so you only have to prep for Monday? Pretty great hey? That’s how I felt when I got my HelloFresh box. I was excited to not have to think about dinners for the week because I’d already picked them out and only had to worry about picking which one I wanted that night.

I want to start this post off by saying this isn’t sponsored in ANY WAY. I got a lot of feedback requesting to hear more about my experience with HelloFresh, so here it is.


I’m not going to go through every meal - because that would be really boring. So, I’ll just give my overall thoughts.

I really liked the option to pick your recipes and to see the upcoming recipes. I was able to pick four different meals so you have a good variety of options throughout the week.

When you get the box, (I had four meals in my Pronto box), you will have however many meals you ordered in bags, the recipe cards and instructions, and underneath that will be your protein on a cooler pack. I’d recommend getting everything into the fridge as quickly as possible, but if you aren’t able to HelloFresh does a good job of keeping your ingredients as fresh as possible.

My immediate favourite thing about HelloFresh was they do a really good job of making sure they’re only using necessary packaging. You see so many companies failing miserably at this, so it was really nice to see that they are conscious of it.

The meals over all were really easy to complete. The steps are carefully laid out and they provide everything you need and for the most part it only requires a couple prep steps on your part to be ready to go.


Overall, all of the meals were good. There were ones I LOVED (The Miso Pesto Shrimp Raman…wow.) and some that weren’t my favourite, but there weren’t any I thought, “wow that was a real fail”. My real only feedback for HelloFresh is that they don’t currently provide the option to substitute for a vegan or gluten free option (there is a vegetarian option!). I got a lot of people asking me if this was vegan, if I was vegan, or if there was a vegan alternative. I’m not vegan or gluten free, however I do try to substitute when I can or want to. I wouldn’t be surprised if HelloFresh had this on the horizon.


Would I do HelloFresh again? Absolutely. This service is a really great option for people who just don’t have time to buy and prep ingredients, don’t want to spend time scouring the internet for tasty and healthy meals, or people who aren’t great at cooking and want to get better.

I’m looking forward to trying more HelloFresh recipes! Have you tried HelloFresh? Let me know your favourite recipes below!

My skin is crying (I wish, because it's so dry)


Well Winter is here, and my skin is ANGRY.

And by angry I mean insanely dry.

I’ve always had dry skin, however that is heightened by the fact that I’ve chosen to live in the fourth coldest place in the world. (It was once colder then Mars. Look it up.)

Anyways, having such dry skin I’ve kind of become a bit of a product junkie. Anyone else? I’m like a scientist over here trying to find the perfect formulas of products to make sure my skin stays as happy as possible during the winter months.

The struggle is real.

I thought today I’d share a couple of products that I’ve been using lately to try and avoid my skin feeling like sandpaper if you also share this problem and are looking for some suggestions.


Summer Fridays

I’ve been using Summer Fridays for a couple weeks now and tbh I’m really loving it. I use it probably three evenings a night as my night cream (I’m aware it’s a mask, but you can also use it as a night cream if your skin is dry AF like mine). It’s thick and makes my skin feel great the next morning, and has a nice pepperminty smell. Often I will mix my Summer Fridays with…

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

I’m not sure if I should be doing this, however if my skin is feeling particularly dry I will and I’m liking the results so I’m not going to stop now. I’ll squeeze some Summer Fridays onto my hand and use one pump of the Marula oil and combine the two before patting it onto my face. I also use this oil a couple of times a week on my neck and it feels fantastic. This product is a high price, however Sephora had this as an 100 pt perk a couple of weeks ago and I stocked up. A little goes a long way with this product! (Ordinary also has a Marula oil that is like $10)

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado

I’ve been using this product for awhile now and it always leaves around my eyes feeling really hydrated and refreshed. Although this product is a bit expensive, IT LASTS FOREVER. I mean it when I say it you will have this eye cream for so. long. It’s really thick and patting less then a dime sized amount around the eye area is perfect during your evening routine.

Dr. Jart Ceramindin Cream

This nice thick cream has been my go to during the day. I’ve been enjoying its thick consistency and honestly it does keep my skin hydrated. I’m unsure if I’ll continue to use this day cream forever (no particular reason besides I want one with an SPF (I also use sun screen daily)) but for now I’m enjoying it!

GLOW Watermelon Mask

Buy this. It smells like jolly ranchers and is SO hydrating over night.

The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream

I’ve always had this night cream on hand for years and I love it. It’s good for the nights that you just want to throw on a quick hydrating night cream and hit the hay. The product smells nice and relaxing and for the price it can’t be beat.

Besides The Body Shop cream I was able to get everything at Sephora. What I love about Sephora is they’re always so willing to give you samples so you can go home and try the products a couple of times before purchasing.

Do you have any skin care recommendations!? Comment below!