Winnipeg Staycation

If you live in Winnipeg you experience this past weekends HORRIFIC snow storm. Honestly, it was like the apocalypse. The roads were completely crazy, there were trees down all over the city, so many people were without power. It was insane. Even more insane because it’s the beginning of OCTOBER.

Of course, as luck has it, this was the weekend my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Minneapolis. We were supposed to leave on Thursday, stay in Fargo Thursday night, and drive to Minneapolis on Friday morning.

Thursday the storm started, and my boyfriend decided that he didn’t think it would be safe for us to do the drive. I was honestly really upset.

I know your first thought, Emma it’s just Minneapolis, you can go any other time, what’s the big deal?

I think I was primarily upset because I’ve had an insane month with work, and this was the one small thing I had to look forward to as a light at the end of the tunnel. I was really excited to get away, and to spend quality time with my favourite person, and to need to cancel for a reason completely out of our control, was pretty upsetting.

So, we cancelled our hotels, luckily we were able to get some money back, and my BF went into crisis mode, cause I was a hot mess (dramatic, I’m aware, but honestly I was just emotionally exhausted).

We went on to plan a great staycation. I had taken a half day of work off on Thursday and a full day on Friday, so we had a lot of days to work with.



Thursday night we went to Harth. If you haven’t been, GO. It is quite possibly the best pasta in Winnipeg (in my opinion) and they have DELICIOUS veal tartar (new on the menu) that is insanely good. They also have fantastic cocktails.

Friday we were planning to go to Thermea, but the weather continued to get worse, so we changed our reservation to Saturday. So Friday we went to brunch at Clementine, which was delicious, and then honestly had a quite and chill afternoon and evening.



Saturday we slept in a little, woke up, made brunch and then went straight to Thermea. Thermea in this weather was honestly PERFECT. It had finally stopped snowing and was about 2 degrees so it was chilly without being uncomfortable. It wasn’t overly busy, which was so nice.

We ended up having their bison carpaccio appetizer which was delicious, and a bottle of cava, so after spending some relaxing time there, we left and went home to prepare a charcuterie for a Friendsgiving that night. We wouldn’t have been able to attend if we had gone out of town, so it was really nice to get to go and spend time with people we don’t see too often.


Finally, Sunday we slept in, and made brunch to watch the Vikings game we were supposed to be at. Since we’d had quite a bit to drink and a late night at Friendsgiving, we took it easy during the day. Then we got ready to go to the Jets game. and ended up watching the Winnipeg Jets get their asses handed to them. However, we went to the game with friends and went out with friends after, which overall made it a really good night despite the loss.

This morning I found myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful. We were handed an unfortunate situation with the weather and having to cancel our trip, however when I look back at the weekend we had instead, I loved every minute of it and feel so happy with how everything turned out.

At the end of the day our safety is the main priority, and altering our plans ended up being just as great as going away anyways. It’s weekends like this that remind me of how much Winnipeg has to offer, and I hope to have more mini staycations in the future!

But…maybe I’ll need to plan an overnight trip to Grand Forks to go to Target…

Adulting Rant 001: Random Items & their associated costs


I just did a brief chat about this on my Instagram story, however the overdramatic rage I feel towards the cost of seemingly necessary adult items is BLOWING MY FREAKING MIND right now, and I feel the need to share with the class.

The more I budget, try to spend wisely, put unnecessary things on my credit card to later regret, the more I notice the random things in my adult life that are apparently necessary, however they cost a ridiculous amount of money. (honestly I’m saying ridiculous these may be totally reasonable prices, but for the sake of my rant lets ignore that fact, mkay?)

For example: an oil change being $73. I mean, yes…it’s my choice to own a vehicle, and I’m lucky to have that luxury, but is the car really going to stop running if I don’t get the oil change? Has it been proven that ANYTHING will happen to the vehicle if I don’t? Just curious.

It’s so funny to see those memes now that say like, “therapy $100 - too expensive, drinks out with friends $100, socializing time!” because tbh a lot of them are true.

I have no problem shelling out GOD KNOWS how much money for my skin care on a bi monthly basis. But it’s taken me MONTHS to finally buy an external hard drive so I can update my MacBook. MONTHS. Just because I didn’t want to spend the $80. Pri-or-a-tays

From what I’ve read our generation for the most part is pretty screwed when it comes to money. We don’t know how to save, everyone is drowning in student debt, a lot of people work for company’s that pay them in beer on tap and free tampons. It’s hard to navigate the spending/saving waters, especially when we’re all being tempted with Instagram ads.

At the end of the day, the costs of anything to do with a vehicle or allergy tests will always perplex me, and I will continue to spend money with no problem at all on things that are likely completely unnecessary. Such is life.

I plan to make these adulting rants a new segment on the blog, because who doesn’t love to rant to themselves or their group chat every day…or hour…

Content that Counts

Lately I’ve beens struggling with coming up with things to post.


On my Instagram, my blog, etc.

I’ve mentally felt quite creatively blocked. I think part of it has to do with not feeling confident myself, so I don’t necessarily want to come across one way, when I’m actually feeling another. I don’t feel like taking cute photos and coming up with uplifting captions, so I haven’t been.

At the end of my day, I’m tired. I want to spend time with my family, my friends, work out, or honestly just lay on my couch and do nothing.

The balance between wanting to be involved on this platform and Instagram and wanting to be present is honestly, really draining.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, photo styling, trying new products, etc. I really do. But, I had a moment the other day where I thought to myself “omg I need to post something I just have to come up with something I need something”

We live in a time that everyone is so much more replaceable then before. The next person or blogger or product is right around the corner, but then I remind myself; I didn’t get back into this for followers, or to make money, I started this for fun, as a hobby, and as something to fill my time in a time where I was struggling.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit more creative again, with ideas swimming around in my head and my creative itch tingling, trust me when I say, I’m sure i’ll be back in action soon!

Natural Deodorant...thoughts?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the girl who used Old Spice or Vanilla scented Secret deodorant. I didn’t really think too much about what was actually in the stuff because a. this girls on a budget and b. I’m not pregnant so why did it matter.

image1 (1).jpeg

The older I get the more I’m starting to really think about the products I’m using and what I’m putting into my body. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still eat things that I’m ashamed to admit to (cough cough pizza pops cough) however it is fairly easy to look into the products you’re using to figure out what’s in them and if they’re actually harmful.

Deodorant seemed like the right place to start and I tested out a few different varieties throughout my trial process. To be completely honest, when I first started this about a month and a half ago, I really really hated it.

I couldn’t get used to the feeling of sweating without stinking. I was constantly worried that I did in fact stink and should deal with that. Or maybe I did just stink and was blissfully unaware.

Here are a few of the different varieties I tried. I plan to try a couple more that were recommended to me that I’ll list at the bottom along with the ones I discuss below.


Secret Brand

Okay, so when I first saw this deodorant I thought “wow this is interesting, I haven’t seen a big name brand come out with a natural or aluminum free option” and grabbed a stick at Walmart. It was about $6, so on the cheaper end compared to a lot of other natural or aluminum free brands.

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to love this product. It did the job as far as making me not feel like I’m sweating constantly during the day. However, the smell of the product itself, is AWFUL. Honestly, I really don’t know how to describe it. What comes to mind for me is like, mould and dust. However, I’m not even sure if that’s accurate.

So based on the smell alone, this will 100% not be the product for me. However, if you can stand the smell I’d forsure say it could be a great option.

Schmidts Brand


This was the first natural deodorant that I tried. I got it at Walmart and I remember it being slightly less expensive then the Secret brand. I honestly liked the product itself, and the smell (this one was a charcoal deodorant). However, I constantly felt like I really stank when I was wearing this product. I work out 2 - 5 times a week depending on the week, and this product just did not seem like it could work for high intensity workouts…because I could fully smell myself. My reasoning could just be a personal preference, and honestly I’ll probably finish the stick and use it for days where I’m just at home or having a more low key day because for the most part I like the product and the scent, however I probably won’t use it in the future for that reason.


Native Brand

This is a product I’ve seen around for awhile. I knew it was sold at Target and online, and so I asked my boyfriend to get me a couple sticks when he was in the states this past week so I could try it out. This product does have perfume in it, HOWEVER it is by FAR the best of the bunch. The scents are both really nice but subtle and I do not feel like I have to constantly reapply because I’m worried that I smell horrible. My boyfriend got me the cucumber mint (LOVE this) scent and the lavender and rose scent. I’m usually not a huge lavender girl (and tbh neither is he, he hated a lavender hand soap I had once so I was a bit surprised about this scent choice) however the scent is so subtle and fresh it’s not overpowering what so ever.

Like I mentioned, this was 100% my preferred favourite out of the bunch. I’ve been enjoying it so far and have had no skin irritation (some people mentioned skin irritation has been something that could happen with this product, not the case here)

So those are my opinions so far! If I try out any other products I’ll report back, but for now I’ll be sticking with Native brand. Let me know if you have any you think I should try!

Here are the products listed:


Schmidt’s Charcoal Magnesium


Other products recommended:

Portia Ella deodorants

NOTHING BAD Humble natural deodorant (Winners)

I'm feelin' 26...

Next week I’m turning 26.

Lilac Bakery...if you haven’t been START the car.

Lilac Bakery...if you haven’t been START the car.

I’ve always loved my birthday. Coming together with friends and family to celebrate is something I enjoy, especially if whatever we’re celebrating includes food.

So many people constantly say to me “you’re so young!” - and they’re right, I am.

However, this birthday has been a bit more difficult for me to wrap my head around. While 26 is so young (I KNOW), I’ve had a difficult time coming around on the fact that I’ll now officially be closer to 30 then 20.

While I’m perfectly aware that age is just a number, it was difficult in my mind to wrap my head around where I’m at in my life at the age of 26.

When I was younger (by younger I mean like, high school) I always thought I’d be married by 24, having kids by 26, and completely have it all figured out.

Good joke 16 year old Emma.

While I was struggling a little bit thinking about those things and how far I am from having anything figured out, I also took a moment to think about the massive changes that have taken place in my life in the last year, the person I’m growing into, and the things that I truly value and cherish.

I can confidently say that I’ve come more into myself in the last year then I think any other year. I’m trying to truly value things that make me happy and trying to put myself first more. Both things I struggled with in the past.

I also stopped giving so much weight to what people thought about me. This used to drive me INSANE, and while this is a work in progress I absolutely have improved on it.

I’ve also really started to look forward into my future, what I want out of it, what kind of jobs and companies I want to work for, what causes I’m passionate about, etc.

When I think about these things, it makes me excited for 26, and proud of the progress I’ve made up until this point. I’m excited about the person I’m becoming the older I get, and TBH if I think about the future I thought I should have at this age I’m so grateful I’m not quite there yet.

Every new year in our lives provides the opportunity to grow, and that’s something we should try our best to be excited about! No, we may not be where we thought we’d be by a certain age, or where our friends are, or the girl you stock on Instagram. But making the most of where you are currently and being proud of what you HAVE achieved is so so important.

So, cheers to 26, cheers to continuous growth, and cheers to what’s to come!